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  1. Crack Width Ruler

    The Simple Ruler Gauge designed to provide economical alternative to other graduated instruments used for Crack Width Measurement in concrete or any other type of material. Clear resolution ensures fine details and accurate measurements. Made from premium recyclable PVC, attractive and durable, Crack Width Ruler is marked with a range of graded lines. Each line has a specified width used to measure crack on all types of surfaces. Range Ruler A 0.14 to 2.56mm and B 0.005 to 0.101 inch. Overall Size 53 x 85mm. Thick, credit card size, easy to use and carry around in wallet or shirt pocket.
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  2. Profile Projector RPP-3000

    Compact, Light Weight and Table Top with easy operations. 300mm diameter screen with 90 cross line and chart holders. Screen Graduated to 360 with venire reading 1 minute. Projection Light Source with 24v / 150w Halogen Lamp. Double Obligue LED Light Source for Surface Illumination Focusing can be adjusted manually by hand wheel. Optical Distortion below 0.15%. Objective Lens Magnification: 10x Cooling by built-in-noiseless and vibration free fan. Input Voltage 220v through low voltage transformers. Supplied complete with operating instructions manual.
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  3. Illuminated Magnifier RBM-104

    Specially designed for assembly & inspection in industrial. C type clamp fits at the edge of the work table and flexible arm allows full extension and 360 deg swivel around mount axis. Advantage is that it does not use any work space and no drilling on worktable Lens: Dia. 150 mm made from fine optical glass
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  4. Gem Illuminated Spectroscope

    Gemological spectroscope separates white light into its components spectral colors ranging from 400 to 700nm. When a gem under a test is illuminated properly with white light and observed through a spectroscope, chemical ingredients present in it absorb some wavelengths which are absorbed by the gem appear as dark lines or brands on the spectrum. Such spectral pattern is specific for certain types of stones and help to identify and separate from lookalikes.
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